Ride, work, sleep, repeat

In the present Covid era, work-from-home has become a norm to reckon with. But some adrenaline junkies can’t settle for the dull lifestyle that comes with it.

published on : 27th July 2021

Working fit at home: Fitness instructor Awasthi redesigns exercise modules

With corporates extending WFH for employees until December 2021, Awasthi has redesigned the exercise modules suitable for his students in this new normal.

published on : 25th July 2021

Employees giving away over 11 hrs/week for free on average to their employers in India: Report

Globally, those working from home estimate they are putting in more unpaid overtime than those based in the workplace or on-site, at 9.4 hours per week on average, compared to 8.7 hours.

published on : 20th July 2021

‘Work from home’ bane

The ongoing road widening work at Kazhakoottam adds to the woes of the traders.

published on : 17th July 2021

Work desk in the hills

Here are a few places in India that could be considered to set up your workstation. 

published on : 11th July 2021

AI-powered therapy bots at workplace for employees during Covid pandemic

82 percent of them believe that AI is better than humans at providing support, according to a study undertaken by Workplace Intelligence.

published on : 4th July 2021

59 per cent men feel work stress taking toll on personal lives: Survey

With the work from home norm and increased workload, employees are facing challenges with their jobs, which is taking a toll on their mental health and personal lives, the survey has revealed.

published on : 3rd July 2021

Saving on rent: Storage spaces come to the rescue of techies working from home

​With many employees still working from home and remain unsure of when they will be shifting back to Hyderabad, household storage spaces have turned to be an affordable place.

published on : 28th June 2021

Work from home a nightmare for techies near ORR

IT professionals spoke to The New Indian Express from various apartments, but insisted that their names be changed.

published on : 26th June 2021

Bringing employees together virtually

One of the best ways to do this is to keep aside some time every week to play team building games. 

published on : 22nd June 2021

WFH vs WFO: The debate continues...

Safely ensconced in their comfort zone for over a year now, they are loathe to return to life in a cubicle.

published on : 22nd June 2021

Young professionals struggle with work from home

After a year of working remotely, a stressed wokforce shares how much they miss their office

published on : 22nd June 2021

20% of employees prefer not to work from office: Survey

However, considering the social benefits of a demarcated office space, among other things, coworking spaces offering office-like work environments have gained traction of late.

published on : 19th June 2021

When WFH video calls go terribly wrong...

Hyderabadis get candid about their WFH blunders, after which they wanted to dig a hole and hide

published on : 17th June 2021

Techies, students struggle with poor internet connection

Work from home and online classes could be an enjoyable and relaxed way of working and pursuing one’s education.

published on : 13th June 2021
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