Microsoft to let some employees work from home permanently: Report

A news report said that said that most Microsoft employees are still at home as the health crisis drags on, and the company doesn't expect to reopen its US offices until January of next year.

published on : 10th October 2020

IT spend on work-from-home infrastructure to touch 19 per cent in 2021: Report

In the new WFH environment, marked by sudden spike in collaboration needs, enterprises seek to build agility to resolve them.

published on : 1st October 2020

Majority of Hyderabad techies prefer working from home, says HYSEA

Similarly, 80 per cent of the companies have said employee productivity was 75 per cent while almost all large companies reported productivity of 90 per cent. 

published on : 23rd September 2020

WFH now stands for 'working from hills' for some Hyderabad techies, here's why

With many IT companies having declared that employees can take Work from home option till December 31, 2020 and tourism sector warming up, some city techies are heading for the hills.

published on : 22nd September 2020

As employees struggle to adjust to work-from-home, what can employers do to help?

It’s not uncommon for companies to face unanticipated crises. Covid-19 is just one in the long list of catastrophes the workforce has faced from time to time.

published on : 30th August 2020

Forced savings see a spike as households tweak spending habits

Now people have realized the real difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’.

published on : 24th August 2020

Are you following the Work From Home safety commandments?

The concept of WFH is something that everyone has gotten used to and is likely to be a future that employees even opt for.

published on : 4th August 2020

Dont think, just blink

COVID-19 has confined us at our homes for almost four months, now. Most of us have become enslaved to our screens – mobiles, laptops and TV.

published on : 21st July 2020

Amidst a lockdown, these young chefs are gearing up to go pro

Children are turning into chefs, hoping to make it big in the commercial space. The lockdown has brought families and hobbies together. The orders keep coming.

published on : 21st June 2020

Jio offers new annual plans with cheaper and additional data for 'work-from-home' subscribers

The company has brought three new 'work-from-home' top-up plans that are available at the denominations of Rs 151 (30 GB), Rs 201 (40 GB) and Rs 251 (50 GB).

published on : 9th May 2020

COVID-19 lockdown: Facebook to let most employees work from home till year-end

Facebook will open most of its office from July 6 saying the social networking giant is in the process of determining which employees will be asked to return to the office.

published on : 8th May 2020

One in two employees watching porn on device being used for work from home

The report revealed that it has become harder for workers to separate work and personal activity, especially when it comes to IT.

published on : 8th May 2020

Coronavirus lockdown: Telangana IT staffers still going to office are a miffed lot

One of the reasons why some IT companies are not able to offer WFH for their employees is that they cannot cope up with hardware and software demand that this situation has brought up.

published on : 24th March 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: Industries in Visakhapatnam allow staff to work from home

All training, HRD programmes, conferences among others have been postponed till further notice.

published on : 24th March 2020