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One for the road: 26-year-old Vimal Geethanandan has his home 'Maaya' on wheels

Three sets of clothes, a sleeping bag, a tent, a laptop, a smartphone, and a camera, Vimal Geethanandan christened the home on wheels 'Maaya'.

published : 10 Jan 2021

Telugu duo complete 100-day trip across India

A Hyderabadi and a Vizagite  started their round-trip from Visakhapatnam in September and completed it on January 7, 2021, covering 21,000 km

published : 09 Jan 2021

Bike riding her way across India

Indrani lives in Kharagpur, West Bengal, but is currently in Hyderabad as her stopover.

published : 09 Jan 2021

Time stops at this temple town

I finally looked up and there it was — the resplendent, beautiful 12th-century Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram (about three kilometres from Kumbakonam).

published : 07 Jan 2021

The Quantum jump race

With Jiuzhang, China has achieved quantum supremacy by completing a calculation in 200 seconds that would take a supercomputer 2.5 million years

published : 03 Jan 2021

A Rann to remember for you this winter

Exploring the ongoing annual Rann Utsav is your best way to come up close with Gujarat

published : 03 Jan 2021

Exploring unseen locations

Travel has always meant catching a flight to a foreign land, until we got locked down and started exploring our city’s hidden treasures.

published : 01 Jan 2021

This too shall 'e-pass': How we traveled in and through the pandemic year

The pandemic forced us to act against the basic human desire to explore as we were asked to stay at home while governments across the world battled this invisible enemy.

published : 30 Dec 2020

Should 2020's favourite celeb haunt be your next holiday destination?

With limited options available for holidaying amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Maldives has become the destination of choice for many.

published : 29 Dec 2020

Travel amid COVID-19: Hyderabad youth narrates tale of visiting six countries in 2020

A young Hyderabadi who managed to travel across Europe even during the pandemic tells us that the takeaway from his travel is that humans are more adaptable and flexible than they think.

published : 26 Dec 2020

Child on board: Here's what to keep in mind next time you travel with a toddler

Is it safe to travel by air with kids during the pandemic? The simple answer is no. But if you must, tick off these safety measures.

published : 20 Dec 2020

Tracing the Pandavas’ footprints

In her new book, Lotus in the Stone, author Anuradha Goyal writes about her travels to sacred lands

published : 20 Dec 2020

Hospitality trends to watch out in 2021

The Indian Hospitality brands are now gearing up to ensure contactless, seamless and exceptional hospitality services to the guests in the new social distancing world.

published : 19 Dec 2020

Sunny side up

City celebrities and residents are bidding goodbye to pandemic blues amid the waters of Maldives, which has emerged as the go-to holiday destination these days

published : 15 Dec 2020

'La La Landscape': Cinematographer Kartik Vijay chooses his travel destinations

From Cuba, Japan and Ladakh, cinematographer Kartik Vijay picks his most wanderlust-worthy destinations.

published : 13 Dec 2020