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Dell Technologies' new cyber security innovations to help Indian businesses

A look at the new solutions that businesses and startups need, especially when we read about data thefts and hacking

published : 13 Jan 2021

Get the most out of your Xbox

Things have changed a lot since the early days of the Xbox One, when less than a month following the announcement, Microsoft had to reverse many of the platform’s core elements.

published : 10 Jan 2021

WhatsApp updates terms of service, privacy policy for user data processing and Facebook integration

The message to users noted that the key updates include more information about WhatsApp's service and how it processes user data.

published : 06 Jan 2021

For online classes minus bandwidth challenges 

The application ensures that one user can login only from one device at a time making it highly secure. 

published : 05 Jan 2021

Beyond braille

Technology has made it possible for people with visual impairment access texts, images and avail assistance through apps. 

published : 05 Jan 2021

Samsung confirms to unveil Galaxy S21 smartphone next week

Samsung has yet to confirm any specifications on its Galaxy S21 family, but industry sources said it will come with three models.

published : 04 Jan 2021

The Quantum jump race

With Jiuzhang, China has achieved quantum supremacy by completing a calculation in 200 seconds that would take a supercomputer 2.5 million years

published : 03 Jan 2021

Dating apps don't destroy love, partners have stronger long-term relations: Study

The Geneva-based researcher decided to investigate couples' intentions to start a family, their relationship satisfaction and individual well-being, as well as to assess couple composition.

published : 31 Dec 2020

'Zoom weddings' to virtual exhibitions: Public events came home through online platforms in 2020

Online events did not have the magic of live shows, just as a zoom party can never replicate meeting friends face-to-face, but they were the next best thing.

published : 30 Dec 2020

From Zoom to Quibi, the tech winners and losers of 2020

For every life-changing Zoom, there was at least one soon-forgotten Quibi. Here's a look at the year's tech winners and losers.

published : 30 Dec 2020

Tech 2020: A brave new world

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the launching of many apps, innovations, and updates to the existing tech industry in India

published : 28 Dec 2020

Regulation needed to monitor money-lending applications: Experts

The apps which look legit offer short-term credits for a high interest but end up harassing the customer by accessing their contact list and sending unpleasant messages to their family and friends.

published : 23 Dec 2020

Indulge in an immersive digital exhibition

Architectural exhibition ‘Fractals’ is hosted on indefinite virtual space and also invites viewers to create their own designs

published : 22 Dec 2020

My tryst with Cyberpunk 2077

December 9, 2020: The most awaited game of the decade releases tomorrow.

published : 22 Dec 2020

CapSarathi: App for the differently-abled

It launched the CapSarathi app for the disabled aiming to reach 10 crore differently-abled population reaching out to 718 districts and 664,369 villages in India.

published : 21 Dec 2020