Spirituality News


A different kind of superpower

Our aspiration should be to become a sensible, gentle nation, which creates wellbeing for itself and as far as possible, wellbeing for everyone in the world.

published : 03 Jan 2021

‘Be careful, not fearful’ 

Unfortunately, people are more focused on the problem that’s why instead of witnessing anything positive, they are going through episodes of fear going round and round in a loop.

published : 22 Dec 2020

Dangers of laxity for the seeker

The path of downfall is instant for the one whose eyes are taken away from the goal even a bit.

published : 20 Dec 2020

Be a witness, never get involved: Objectivity key to material success, happiness and growth

You enjoy life only to the extent you are objective. Lack of this vital quality is the cause of all suffering. 

published : 20 Dec 2020

Pair faith with effort

Just having faith in a doctor will not cure our ailment. The patient—says a diabetes patient—should take the medicine as well as follow the prescribed diet.

published : 20 Dec 2020

ISKCON monks cycle from Gurugram to Rajasthan to pass spiritual wisdom to COVID survivors

Pankaj, who filmed the trip and the video is up on ISKCON Gurugram’s YouTube page, speaks about the 48-hour journey.

published : 13 Dec 2020

Practicing Yoga Sans the 'God Crutch'

The closest one can get to in attempting to define Patanjali's Ishwara is the concept of purusha, especially the primordial purusha in Sankhya, which is an atheistic philosophy.

published : 13 Dec 2020

The Flow Chart to Liberation

In our race to compete with the world, we will by ourselves be unable to sit back and see the fallacy of what we are pursuing in the name of daily work.

published : 13 Dec 2020

Give up involvement with action

This harsh line of duality is the cause that keeps us bound to this wheel of change from birth to death and back to birth endlessly.

published : 06 Dec 2020

True goal of human birth

There once was a spiritual aspirant living in a village. He was absorbed in his practices with an attitude of surrender. There was a person in the village who would always mock and criticise him.

published : 06 Dec 2020

The magic of motivation

Being able to visualise how your motivation influences your success leading to wellbeing, can have a potent effect to move further in life.

published : 06 Dec 2020

A deeper look at who am ‘I’

Everything we see in this world is not as it is, but as it appears to us. The mind is constantly projecting images, thoughts and emotions that it identifies as ‘I’.

published : 29 Nov 2020

A relationship is all about offering yourself

If you want to make relationships beautiful, it’s important to turn inwards and looks at ourselves  deeply. 

published : 29 Nov 2020

Free your home and workplace of anger

Having understood the futility and implications of the emotion, let’s be determined to convert our homes and workplaces into peaceful abodes. It is easier than we think. 

published : 29 Nov 2020

Love, the game of life

When we look at the big picture, the most significant pursuit is making the best use of time. We are here to accumulate spiritual wealth. 

published : 22 Nov 2020