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Hitting a tandoori century

2020 marks 100 years of the Moti Mahal chain of restaurants but its legacy alone will not help sustain business in a pandemic-hit world. Earning loyalty could.

published : 29 Nov 2020

Thanksgiving inspired recipes to get you cooking

When cooking a turkey, there are always many things to consider such as the size of the turkey for the number of guests, will it fit in my oven and will I actually cook it long enough or too long.

published : 28 Nov 2020

Travel bites in a box

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with these ready-to-cook meal kits, inspired by a new country each month

published : 28 Nov 2020

More than just turkey 

Extend the spirit of Thanksgiving into the weekend with these special offers from city restaurants

published : 28 Nov 2020

Risotto, Tikki and more: Following the beet

From Asian to Continental restaurants, chefs and customers across the Capital are delving into the delights of the humble beetroot

published : 27 Nov 2020

Shaniba’s biryani tale

The love for Biryani transcends all boundaries, and united Indians. Hyderabad to Dindigul to Thalassery, a good plateful of biryani can undoubtedly brighten up our day.

published : 26 Nov 2020

Truly Nallatha

Their labour of love is an exclusive, authentically Malayali fusion pickle brand suggestively named ‘Athey Nallatha’.

published : 26 Nov 2020

‘Cos all you need is loaf

From hand-rolled breads to speciality cakes, Rose Joseph’s Madras Boulangerie has much baked
goodness to satiate your ever-present cravings

published : 26 Nov 2020

Green screen: The Connaught and its vibrance

If you turn off on to Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bagh from Connaught Place, you come to a quiet lane.

published : 25 Nov 2020

La Croute: Beyond the cookie cutters

Given that it means The Crust, La Croute specialises in pies, quiches, sweet and savoury tarts, pâte feuilletée, canapés, and tea cakes using high quality premium ingredients.

published : 24 Nov 2020

Recyclable meal trays at Fabcafé

According to Sunil Chauhan, Founder and MD Fabcafé, the idea was to give people the comfort of ordering food from the comfort of their car. 

published : 24 Nov 2020

'Something brewing': No longer your average Joe

Coffee lovers in Delhi-NCR are brewing their own cuppa, exchanging recipes, buying French Presses, to satisfy their coffee cravings in the pandemic.

published : 23 Nov 2020

Food bytes

Chocolate Moose

published : 22 Nov 2020

Juice the benefits

Aside from being a potential weight-loss buster, certain varieties of juice (mainly citrus juices) can trigger migraines in people who are sensitive.

published : 22 Nov 2020

Unboxing Memories Through Food

bamboo shoot, charred kaji lemon; Theccha Mutton with jwala green chilies, garlic, and peanuts.

published : 21 Nov 2020