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The fragility of democracy

The Trump years have shown us how fragile the notion of democracy is, and that any constitution is only as good as the people who uphold them.

published : 13 Jan 2021

Former CEC Quraishi seeks to bust population myth in new book

According to Swati Chopra, executive editor at HarperCollins India, the book examines the crucial and urgent question of the politicisation of demography in India.

published : 12 Jan 2021

Much more than love

22-yr-old Sidharth P K portrays his passion for romantic poetry through his books

published : 12 Jan 2021

Of myths and monsters: JK Rowling's new book 'The Ickabog' has it all

A satirical fairytale, this story of a bogeyman may not have witches and wizards, but boasts magical writing

published : 10 Jan 2021

Up above the world with 'The Himalayan Arc'

The Himalayan Arc: Journeys East of South-east, an anthology of writings, edited by Namita Gokhake, is a collection of over 25 narratives revolving around these mountains by more than 30 writers.

published : 10 Jan 2021

The Kitty Party Murder book review: Humour with a heart

Nearly every sentence is packed with jokes and ideas that demand you savour each line for a truly rewarding read.

published : 10 Jan 2021

Capitol violence: Simon & Schuster drops book by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

Thousands of Trump supporters had gathered in Washington on Wednesday to protest Congress’ formal certification of Biden’s win and many ended up storming into the Capitol

published : 08 Jan 2021

‘URA wasn’t interested in making concession to Western market’

Narayan Hegde, who has translated UR Ananthamurthy’s Avasthe, tells CE that translating is never spontaneous, never perfect, and involves more than one draft  

published : 07 Jan 2021

Memoir my way of capturing experiences of common man for posterity: Sonu Sood

He also introduced Pravasi Rojgar app for job seekers and launched e-rickshaws to the underprivileged.

published : 06 Jan 2021

Sales went down due to COVID-19 but books survived in 2020

New and innovative ways of marketing and selling books also became a part of the year gone by which saw people reading more.

published : 06 Jan 2021

Journey to freedom

It was in November 2012 that Hamid Ansari, a 27-year-old Mumbai-based techie, disappeared.

published : 06 Jan 2021

Ceaseless talk, advice and women

She longed to seal her ears with wax just so she didn’t have to listen to his ceaseless talk.

published : 06 Jan 2021

What it takes to make a murder mystery

The Winter Soldier foreshadows the arrival of Doctor Steven Strange two years before Marvel Studios gives the world Doctor Strange.

published : 06 Jan 2021

'I am no messiah': Sonu Sood's book chronicles his journey as a reel-to-real life hero

It was the transport, rations and medical facilities among many other ways Sood helped thousands in need.

published : 04 Jan 2021

'Breathing here is injurious to your health' book review: Confronting the silent scourge

Hardly anyone seems to care about the slow poisoning of an entire population, but the author of this compelling work does

published : 03 Jan 2021