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Can money spent by IMA group on school be returned, HC asks govt

The Karnataka High Court on Saturday asked the State  whether the money spent by the IMA Group on building a government school can be returned or the school building attached.

published : 9 hours ago

Bengaluru Railway Division to open up advertising on mirrors in trains

Trains are a popular mode of advertising for the outdoor advertising industry.

published : 17 Apr 2021

If polls can be held, why not NEET: Doctors

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan announced on Thursday that the exam would be postponed but a new date has not yet been announced.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Students demand Covid vaccine before exams

“Cancelling exams is a priority, vaccinating students in the next two months is important. Statistics show the youth are getting infected rapidly.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Ministers brainstorm to rein in Covid

Put in place measures to aid citizens, improve facilities, counsel patients and families

published : 17 Apr 2021

INTERVIEW | People in 30s, 40s most affected in this Covid wave: Dr Shalini Joshi, Fortis Hospital

People are experiencing severe fatigue, body pain, sore throat, loose motion and few experience loss of sense of smell, vomiting and chills.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Mutated COVID-19 strain reinfecting many, feel experts on virus behaviour

However, the country does not have enough data to prove that reinfections are happening in large numbers, and to attribute the reason to variants, they say.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Bannerghatta zoo gets four baby cats

In wake of the rising Covid cases and the grim situation, officials of Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBBP) shared some good news.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Setting up a home bar

 In this times of pandemic, everyone needs to keep calm and carry on.

published : 17 Apr 2021

A world full of sunshine

To beat the Covid-19 blues with some happy tunes, Rapper EmmJee and Rapper Gubbi bring out their second collaboration Hongirana

published : 17 Apr 2021

Year-round favourites this Ramadan

Offering scrumptious delicacies, these restaurants in Bengaluru have a wide range of culinary treats for you to savour with family and friends

published : 17 Apr 2021

Covid slams brakes on probe into suspicious deaths of two elderly women

But the cause of their deaths may remain unsolved as they were found to be Covid-19 positive due to which an autopsy was not conducted.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Are beds, medicines adequately available? Karnataka HC asks State

According to the notification, the recording of evidence in all civil and criminal cases is prohibited, except in the cases where a time schedule is fixed by the Supreme Court and High Court.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Those in home isolation will be hand stamped from Saturday

All those in home isolation will get hand stamped from Saturday.

published : 17 Apr 2021

Covid spurt from new prisoners, not old inmates: Hospital

Doctors at Epidemic Diseases Hospital say even if new prisoners test negative, they are quarantined for a week

published : 17 Apr 2021