How to take care of your eyes during this pollution mayhem

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High levels of pollutants in the air are harmful for your respiratory, cardiovascular systems as well as your eyes. As pollution has risen significantly beyond safe limits in Delhi, effective solution to protect eyes is need of the hour. Our eyes are sensitive to the pollutants present in the air caused by emissions from various industries and means of transport. Pollutants such as gaseous pollutants, odors’, dust, fumes, mist, and smoke present in the air causes irritation and redness in the eyes. These pollutants also contribute to dryness in your eyes which causes dry eyes.

A research conducted in Paris detected a sturdy connection between urban toxic waste and an increase in ophthalmological emergencies in the region. Though fewer researches have been carried out in other regions of the word, reports from Beijing, China and the India seem to hint that vision health is being influenced by toxic waste and other types of air contamination.

Follow some vital tips to take care of your eyes, which are as follows -

  • Cover your eyes with glasses

We see many people on the road wearing face-masks to protect their lungs from the harm

ful effects of polluted air but seldom incident of wearing eye-gear to protect eyes.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

With high levels of pollution, it becomes impossible to escape the exposure to the harmful smog. If you feel that any pollutant particle has entered your eyes don’t rub your eyes as it may lead to further irritation and redness in eyes.

  • Use Cool Compress to relax eyes

Cool compress works wonders to sooth the inflammation of eyes caused by exposure to air-pollution over the extended periods of time. As you cannot avoid going out while commuting to work on daily basis, you can surely relax your eyes using cold compress. 

  • Use lubricating eye-drops

Lubricating eye-drops ensure that your eyes are properly moisturized with the layer of tears which is effective in protecting eyes against dryness, redness and itchiness. While travelling to work or meetings, you can always keep the eye-drops handy and use it 2-3 times a day to keep your eyes hydrated.

There are a few more things suggested for people to keep the eyes safe like special foods can be eaten and moreover you can bring some changes in your day to day life also that can prove to be really beneficial for eyes.

  • Some special foods like carrots and bilberries are believed to have power to improve the eyesight.
  • Avoid sugary foods because excessive sugar is the main cause of diabetes and hence it must be avoided.
  • Eating eggs can also be beneficial in improving the eyesight of a person.
  • Apart from these foods we can also do some more exercises like focusing our eyes at a single point for few minutes.


By following the simple remedies suggested by Dr Chaudhary, you can take good care of your eyes and prevent them from eye-related problems caused by harmful outdoor air polluted by pollutants. Problems of eyes if overlooked may turn to severe eye-infections which call for a specific treatment by an ophthalmologist


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